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 trash(Located 92.44 Km)
25 years
Eltersdorf ,Middle Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany.
 zozo505(Located 89.49 Km)
28 years
Herzogenaurach ,Middle Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany.
 olineu87(Located 91.59 Km)
35 years
Wurzburg ,Lower Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany.
 ozanrabbit(Located 96.84 Km)
27 years
Atzenhof ,Middle Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany.
 ilgili(Located 75.28 Km)
49 years
Vogelheerd ,Upper Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany.
 kubarozpruwacz(Located 62.02 Km)
29 years
Schweina ,Wartburgkreis ,Thuringia ,Germany.
 cimi7(Located 85.16 Km)
59 years
Gerstungen ,Wartburgkreis ,Thuringia ,Germany.
 markoo2020(Located 88.08 Km)
34 years
Erlangen ,Middle Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany.
 mauzilein(Located 102.55 Km)
74 years
Spielberg ,Other Cities in Saxony-Anhalt ,Saxony-Anhalt ,Germany.
 evroo(Located 103.51 Km)
29 years
Nuremberg ,Middle Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany.